Over the years, smart terminal technology has promoted the informatization and intelligent development of manufacturing, logistics and transportation industries, and the lightweight, portable and powerful PDA collectors have also been widely used. The smart handheld terminal PDA has a natural fit with the embedded 1D and 2D scanning module, and it is the first to carry out the integration or fixed installation application of the scanning engine module. For PDA collectors, the embedded 1D and 2D scanning module is a crucial component. It can help users to scan barcodes and QR codes quickly and accurately, improving work efficiency. So how to choose a suitable embedded 1D and 2D scanning module for the PDA collector? As a leading brand in the barcode recognition industry, Shenzhen RAKINDA will share with you how to choose and which one is suitable.

At present, choosing an embedded 1D and 2D scanning module suitable for PDA collectors requires comprehensive consideration of multiple factors, including scanning performance, module size and compatibility, stability and durability, price and brand after-sales service. The code scanning module is connected to the PDA collector through a variety of communication interfaces (such as USB, RS232, TTL232, etc.) provided by the manufacturer, and is easily integrated into the existing equipment. The 2D scanning module has the ability to quickly and accurately read barcodes and 2D codes. Considering the use requirements in various complex industrial environments, the code scanning module should also be able to accurately identify in the dark or the barcode/QR code is damaged, to ensure the accuracy of the data, and to withstand the long-term Time usage and frequent scanning operations. So which embedded 1D and 2D scanning module is more cost-effective?

Rakinda’s suggestion to users is to use more economical 1D/2D scanning modules, such as:

1. LV30 embedded 1D/2D barcode scanner
LV30 embedded CMOS 1D/2D barcode scanner has the characteristics of light and small size, excellent performance and high cost performance. It can read all international standard 1D and 2D barcodes, has excellent barcode reading function, and can read barcodes on highly reflective surfaces (such as mobile phone screens). The simple and compact appearance and structure can make it perfectly integrated into PDA equipment, POS equipment, tablet equipment and other thin and light equipment. It is an ideal embedded scanning solution for a truly reliable handheld terminal or PDA device.

2. LV3396 barcode reading engine
LV3396 2D barcode scanning head follows the high cost performance and reliable quality of the RAKINDA brand, and has great advantages in the same type of products. This series of code scanning modules adopts a beautiful streamlined and compact appearance design, with a size of 21.3(W)×15.5(D)×11.6(H)mm, which not only saves space, but also meets the demanding requirements of integrated installation. Require. In terms of performance, it has excellent scanning 1D and 2D barcode scanning solution for its application equipment.