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    RD4500R 2D Barcode Reader Applications

    By | December 6, 2018|

    With the development of bar code technology, enterprises have become more and more demanding on bar code reading engines, which has prompted bar code reading engine developers to integrate new technology cores and strengthen product performance. In the era of the Internet of Things(IOT), bar codes are undoubtedly very important. It not only enables automatic […]

      RD4500-20 QR Fixed Mount Scanner Using in Smart Turnstile

      By | December 29, 2018|

      Compared with the traditional gate machine, the intelligent gate machine with built-in scanning code module integrates data acquisition and barcode recognition technology on the basis of the original system such as ticket checking/access control, which is widely distributed in station subways, park scenic spots, commercial buildings, Scenes that can be seen everywhere in life such […]

        How to deal with the development and challenges of barcode scanning technology in industrial environments

        By | July 23, 2024|

        With the continuous deepening of industrial automation and digital transformation, barcode scanning technology plays an increasingly important role in industrial production and management. However, the industrial environment is complex and changeable, and traditional barcode scanning technology can no longer meet the needs. Rakinda has launched a barcode scanning module designed for industrial environments, which can […]

          Bar Code Scanning in Turnstile & Kiosks with RD4600

          By | October 17, 2018|

          Bar code scanner nowadays widely used in various places, such as turnstile, access control system; vending machine, ATM, queue kiosk, payment kiosk, etc. It is the age of technology and innovation. All new things come out in order to make the life of people more convenient, labor-saving and improve the life of people. Shenzhen Rakinda Technology Co., […]

            One Stop Solutions on Bus for QR Code Type A&Type B Card–RD300

            By | December 11, 2018|

            Bar code scanners are widely used in different areas. Its usage become more and more abundant. Some come out to make payment ways that have more multiple choice. All things changed and improved in order to make people’s life more convenient and labor saving. Shenzhen Rakinda Co.,ltd, always standing at people’s perspective and side observe the […]

              Bar code Scanner Engine Widely Used in PDA, Hand Held Scanner-LV1000

              By | November 5, 2018|

              Bar code scanner engine is widely embedded in various devices, such as PDA, hand held bar code scanner, locker, tablet and so on. These devices can be used in many area, such as scanning the 1D code in the label on the patient’s hand and label on the vial, and so on. As before, when […]