Looking around, the traditional parking lot is still widely used. After all, low-cost parking, the number of vehicles has increased dramatically, and Tieer-2 city with parking resources can no longer meet the parking demand of vehicles; Although many parking lots may abandon cars, it also brings efficiency and charging problems. How to solve them? Rakinda also attaches great importance to this aspect, so we have found two solutions to support parking areas to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

The S2 data collector designed manually does not need to be plugged in. It is based on the characteristics and can meet the needs of different customers by improving its performance in an all-round way. 5.0-inch high screen, multi-capacitor touch screen; Support 1D/2D barcode scanning, NFC and other functions; Double six stations and double stations; 4G network communication; Positioning; Flexible choice; Large capacity battery, standby time; The improved small camera replaces the professional large scanning head, which can describe the scanning place; The S2 IP65 is registered in advanced industrial design grade, with 5200mAh battery capacity to adapt to harsh environment; The advantages of traditional manufacturing centers and standard telephones can adapt to various industry markets.

The RD4500L Long distance scanner module uses decoding technology to guide a world that can realize low brightness and reflective mobile screen; Modular design of basic functions makes it low consumption and high energy consumption; Metal case, any terminal can be completely inserted.Driver no need to get off car. Just put mobile phone with QR code in front of scanner then finish payment. Then get access.

Generally speaking, advanced plan customers can choose according to their own needs. Here are two ways to help enterprises improve efficiency and reduce labor costs to a certain extent.
Shenzhen Rakinda technology has a solid background and rich industry experience in the research and development of embedded modules and smart devices. Its well-designed mobile payment equipment and basic community equipment have been successfully applied to all walks of life including intelligent bus, logistics and warehousing, factories, wireless city, large medical supermarkets, unmanned supermarkets and market reputation access! Welcome professional logistics operation and equipment development (intelligent station/access/intelligent bus/hand-held barcode machine/self-service station and other intelligent equipment) win-win cooperation to provide customers with high-quality solutions!