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    Product Choices of Vertical Face Recognition Access Control System

    By | March 15, 2021|

    Nowadays, you are very likely to have seen the intelligent vertical face recognition thermometer in some closed (semi-closed) or public service places in various scenes, especially in some sporadic cases and the risk of local outbreaks in China It is used more frequently in areas for smart epidemic prevention, but most people are not particularly […]

      Face Temperature Thermometer with Health Code Launched at Zhongchuan International Airport in Lanzhou

      By | December 4, 2020|

      Project Achievement: Under the current complex and severe situation of overseas epidemic situation, in order to further improve the various epidemic prevention and protection work of entry places, the recent national health code precision epidemic prevention application program provided by Shenzhen Rakinda Technology is integrated with face recognition temperature measurement and access control machine (health […]

        Waterproof Industrial Scanner Suitable for a Variety of Application Scenarios

        By | April 8, 2021|

        Application scenarios: ①Embedded and integrated applications such as express cabinets, ticket gates, display kiosks, and various self-service cabinet application equipment; ②Used in various production lines and assembly lines to detect and scan barcodes. Product size: 45.5(D)×55.5(W)×28.5(H)mm Image sensor: CMOS Reading accuracy: >3mil Communication interface: USB, RS232 IP level: IP68 (three defenses) Reading code system: one-dimensional […]

          Rakinda Face Recognition Temperature Measurement Health Code Verification Terminal Using in The 4th Digital China Summit

          By | April 27, 2021|

          The 4th Digital China Summit was officially open on April 25th, 2021. The summit’s epidemic prevention facilities have been fully deployed. As the main venue of this summit, how is the deployment of epidemic prevention measures at the entrances of the passages of the Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center? At the same time, […]

            Rakinda 2D image barcode reading engines and their application fields

            By | December 7, 2023|

            With the rapid development of information technology, 2d image barcode reading engines have become an indispensable part of modern society. They can quickly and accurately read the information in 2D barcodes, providing convenience to all walks of life. Whether in e-commerce, ticketing systems, medical drug traceability, or warehousing management, it is not difficult to find […]

              The 2020 Rakinda Group Peak Competition: 100-day Battle Started

              By | October 15, 2020|

              On October 10th, the 2020 Rakinda Group Peak Competition was launched, and the 100-day battle started. All members of Shenzhen Rakinda participated in the kick-off meeting with joy and passion to welcome the peak competition. In this competition, Shenzhen Rakinda VS Guangzhou Rakinda, aiming to beat the Guangzhou team in the Q4 and get the […]

                What Remote QR code Scanning Module Do We Have?

                By | April 19, 2021|

                Nowadays, the application of barcode scanner is becoming more and more extensive. In various scenarios of our work and life, the scanning distance of the scanner is about 30cm, especially in payment, vending cabinets, gates, smart access scanning and other occasions. Only in this scanning distance environment can there be accurate and fast scanning results. […]

                  Barcode Reader Embedded Bread Machine For Self-service Cooking

                  By | January 26, 2021|

                  For most workers, bread is one of the indispensable staple breakfast, but now many young people for their morning still more difficult to make bread, the main reason is to go to work time is often very urgent. However, with the development of IOT technology, various intelligent devices have emerged, which can easily help us […]

                    Face Temperature Thermometer Helps Hospitals Built Epidemic Tracing System

                    By | November 19, 2020|

                    People’s hospital of Songyuan City, Jilin Province first launched intelligent temperature measurement and facial recognition machine at the entrance of the hospital, scanning national health QR code validation, abnormal temperature rapid screening and health codes of personnel, greatly improve the traffic efficiency, to ensure the hospital staff and visitors real-time detection, liquidity conditions are solved […]