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    The Wide Applying of Handheld Scanner

    By | October 25, 2017|

    Handheld terminals in various fields of application has been very wide, handheld terminal development prospects are very broad, especially wireless handheld terminal. From the development trend, the handheld terminal has not only limited to the use of a field, WINCE operating platform handheld terminal will occupy a dominant position, and a variety of interfaces with handheld terminals will gradually be the user’s favor.

      A game changer for the payments industry in India

      By | October 18, 2017|

      Limited availability of cash will drive people to digital alternatives. The government is restricting the number of notes a consumer can exchange to INR 4,500 (about USD 67). There are also restrictions on ATM withdrawals, and huge queues have already formed outside of post offices and banks. This means people may not be able to retrieve the new cash they need before official businesses stop accepting the old bills, which could force them to turn to other methods of payments they have not previously considered, including mobile wallets and P2P solutions.

        RD4500R 2D bar code scanner For Smart Cashless ATM

        By | September 29, 2017|

        There always have sometime when people go out , they will forget take cash or card , it will always embarrassed when you need payment for something . as the internet development , Bank have been rolling out smart cashless business , now people only thought 2D bar code scanner to come true the payment without card 2D barcode come out

          Barcode Technology With Its Great Marketing

          By | September 27, 2017|

          Barcode technology since its birth, has become one of the most important information management in modern society by virtue of its in the collection of information on the flexible and efficient,reliable, and low cost. The most common and barcode equipment as the front-end equipment information collection, is the prerequisite and basis for the application of barcode technology, and with the continuous development of bar code technology, has become the retail, logistics and warehousing, product traceability, industrial manufacturing, medical health infrastructure essential information system construction of electronic commerce and transportation systems and so on.