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    The Medical Science with the LV3080 Scanner Engine

    By | November 9, 2017|

    Medical tablet so magical to know the patient’s situation? According to hospital staff, in fact, their hospital is the establishment of a bar code scanning system wristbands for each hospitalized patients are wearing a bar code wristbands, the patient’s bar code wristbands have a unique coding information wristband, which is also medication with patients corresponding.

      Rakinda RD4500R qr code Scanner for Self-service vending machine

      By | November 3, 2017|

      Shenzhen Rakinda RD4500RFor fix mounted 2D QR barcode scanner module, its price is usually high, which may be a problem encountered by customers. Now RD4500R will be a good solution for you. Its cost is reasonable and affordable, while its low cost does not compromise its good performance in scanning mobile phone screen.